2019: Lykeisha Wofford

March 27, 2019 4:46 pm Published by

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved to Georgia 4 years ago and initially moved to Rex and now I reside in Jonesboro. I’m the only child of the oldest of 7 children and I’m the oldest grandchild in my family. My grandparents raised all of their kids in the suburbs of Cincinnati known as Greenhills. They worked hard to buy a 3 bedroom ranch style 1 bathroom home where all of their kids and grandkids can always call home. Many days I seen my grandparents continuously work to get and keep a proper lifestyle.

Although my childhood through early adulthood was rough. I graduated as an RN. Went on to gain my BSN and now I’m just 6 credits from having my MSN and MHA. Which seemed out of reach for me became my career.

I have stage 2 grade C triple positive breast cancer. I found out right before Christmas Dec. 3rd. My biopsy came back abnormal from a lump the Gyn NP found. I was scared. I instantly thought I was going to die. Thinking how long could I had known and ignored the symptoms. Was this really it! Im 37! I don’t want to die! Why me? Haven’t I been through enough? What did I do wrong? Question after question 24/7. I felt like I was being punished. I have been in treatment since Jan 2019. For 6 years of my life I will fight this cancer. 1 yr of chemo and 5 yrs. of a pill.

I am so honored and appreciative to be a part of the fund. I thought things like this only happen to people with higher stature than myself. But to know things like this are out in the world gives me a better sense of survival. These funds will help keep us on top of the medical bills and debt from fighting cancer.