D.j. K-von

Introducing world known D.j. K-von spinning your favorite fresh jams all night long.

“Made the news in Atlanta again!! This event taking place in Sept will always be a # 1 priority for me every year…any other gig that comes up will always have to take a backseat when the time comes again.. huge thanks to everyone involved.” – DJ K-Von 2017

Listen to “DJ K-VON Podcast” on Spreaker.

Sky Gym

Aerial dance is a death defying artform popularized by Cirque du Soleil where dancers weave themselves through mesmerizing forms while suspended in the air. Prepare to elevate your night. Sky Gym is an aerial training center in Sandy Springs, and is proud to present the dancers from their Street Team. The Street Team is performance group dedicated to bringing the elegance and power of the flight.


Persica Dance Company

Persica is Atlanta’s newest professional Oriental and Middle Eastern dance company, bringing this joyful dance form to new audiences and stages across Georgia and beyond. Persica’s dancers Sampriti, Jendayi, Razi, Hasna and Elisabeth have over half a century of dance experience between them and regularly delight audiences at Middle Eastern and performance venues across Atlanta.

The Atlanta Dance Academy (TADA)

TADA offers classes for adults and children in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Salsa, and more. Join us for a class today.

TADA, The Atlanta Dance Academy, is pleased to present Najaah Malonne a high school sophomore from Atlanta, who has been dancing since she was 3. Najaah is definitely on track to be one of our nation’s best professional dancers. In addition she is an Ambassador for Brown Girls Do Ballet. Tonight, Najaah will be performing “The Voices” with music by Nina Simone and choreography by Alvin Ailey’s Sean Carmon. Please enjoy.

IK, King of the Trolls

IK the Troll King, at the respectable age of 10,975 years has wandered the world by foot (granted oceans require holding one’s breath for quite a while) as has been his duty as King to make sure that all of his people are safe and cozy under their bridges. Along the way he has learned a thing or two, and has heard much of the lore of the great big rock we all call home. For the last 21 years he has been working to foster positive relations between his people and humankind, and while it is an uphill battle he nonetheless strives to build a bridge between our cultures. At first glance may think he is scary, but time spent in his presence shows that one should not judge a book by its cover.

IK can regularly been seen at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, and at Rocktoberfest & Fairytale Nights at Rock City Gardens.