2013: Svetlana Lunger

May 24, 2013 1:52 pm Published by

svetlana lungerIn her thirty-one years of life, Svetlana Lunger has had to encounter more hardship than anyone should ever have to face. A native of Russia, Svetlana’s early life was riddled with the effects of communism which included the rationing of food and waiting in lines for bread. When Mrs. Lunger was sixteen, her family came to the United States as refugees; leaving behind an older brother that she loved dearly. Two years after moving to the United States, Svetlana was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. While her peers were planning for adult life, Svetlana spent her eighteenth year preparing for an intense battle; a battle for her life. This diagnosis ultimately led to the removal of one of her ovaries and threatened the possibilities of her ever becoming a mother. Thankfully, in August of 2009 with just one ovary, Svetlana was blessed with her beautiful daughter, Anatasia. Anatasia will turn four this summer.

Svetlana and her husband, Kevin are now at war with her second bout with cancer. In July of 2011, Svetlana was given the news that any cancer survivor dreads: the cancer had returned. This time around, stage four kidney cancer is the diagnosis. Svetlana continues to amaze her family and friends as she battles on while undergoing her fifth round of treatment. Previous treatments have been unsuccessful and doctors have exhausted their options. Despite it all, Mrs. Lunger remains positive, prayerful and optimistic. She is firmly rooted in her Christian faith and is loved and adored by not only her family and friends but her church family at Mt. Paran North. Svetlana is an avid reader and loves music. She is described by her husband Kevin, as upbeat and selfless. She often puts herself last and others first. Svetlana and Kevin will celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary in June.