Save The Date

April 25th 2020 / 8:00 pm - 12:00 am

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Dancers Unite Against Cancer event will be re-scheduled for a later date. We are hoping to announce a new date sometime in April. In the meantime, stay healthy and happy! We need everyone energized to dance the night away!

The Atrium on Sweet Auburn

236 Auburn Avenue
Atlanta, GA, 30303

Stunning rooftop view overlooking downtown Atlanta!

Dancers Unite Against Cancer

Founded in 2009, Dancers Unite Against Cancer is the primary fundraiser for the Nancy Falco Fund Ltd, a 501(c)(3) non-profit philanthropic organization. Every year our organization comes together to raise money for a recipient who is battling cancer.

100% of the event’s proceeds will be donated to a local recipient, to alleviate the financial strains that come along with cancer.

Line Up
  • D.J. K-von

    D.J. K-von

    World known D.j. K-von spinning your favorite fresh jams all night long.
    Found an old quote from him...

    "Made the news in Atlanta again!! This event taking place in Sept will always be a # 1 priority for me every year...any other gig that comes up will always have to take a backseat when the time comes again.. huge thanks to everyone involved." - DJ K-Von 2017.

  • Wren & the Wravens

    Wren & the Wravens

    Wren and the Wravens' sound is an eclectic blend of retro soul, pop and R&B. With energy that is uniting and infectious, Wren and the Wravens' music brings together people of all walks of life.

    Steeped in sounds both dreamy and soulful -- Atlanta-based Quartet Wren & The Wravens formed in 2017 around the talents of Abby Wren (vocals), Tiffany Cherry White (vocals, keys, synth bass), Rob Lane (vocals, guitar), and Julian Scott Bryan (vocals, percussion). The sound of Wren & The Wravens draws from a multitude of musical styles including (but not limited to) R&B, Funk, Neo-soul, Blues, Country, Dub Reggae, Dream-pop, Alternative, and Instrumental Hip-hop. The band released their first single “I Think We Know” in July of 2019 with plans to release their eponymous debut album later that year. Their introductory offering showcases Wren’s vocal and lyrical prowess layered upon an ethereally lush and catchy musical foundation of groove, harmony and pop-sensibility.

  • Silver Classix Crew

    Silver Classix Crew

    The Silver Classix Crew is a dynamic hip hop dance group, ages 50+, who are generating excitement for people of all ages to get involved in dance, and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle!

    The members of the Silver Classix Crew, currently between the ages of 50-69, have appeared in various national tv shows, music videos, have competed in national dance competitions, and they also perform for professional sporting events, such as the Atlanta Hawks, GA Swarm, Harlem Globetrotters, as well as city conventions and festivals. They have been featured on CNN and Wall Street Journal. They also were recently featured in a campaign for Old Navy.

    They are truly an inspiration to all ages, and there are No Limits to what they can do!

The team the makes the Magic happen!

Dancers Unite Team